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The story of the show

histoire du spectacle tontonballons

« Tontonballons et les Zaventures du petit roi » show has been created in Ardèche. In 1998, Benedict, fire-eater met "Kiwi" & "Snoopy" from "les ballapapas" circus troupe and was to become Unlceballoons. As street artists a bunch of balloons came out... first tricks, first balloons... the dawn of a new era !

affiche du spectacle tontonballons

The year after, Benedict met Yves "Papou" Planard, bassist and due rocker. Playing music together, they started to work on some pieces of music, and to create a balloons and music based show dedicated to children.

Ensuing several street performances, Playmobil helped them visualising the out-coming show... The major scenery elements come from the Playmobil's world, and suit well the balloons show's universe.

Benedict and Papou then put up a rock orchestra and started to tour their show. The brand new circus troupe "Unlceballoons" worked several times under Yvan "Yvan l'impossible" Roy's artistic direction.

Pontoise, 2001, the show was planned twice for a tremendous audience, and the young artists felt strained for the first of the two planned shows. Everything went well and the tiny crew went brave of heart for the second performance.

The show was awesome, and closing the artists' introduction to the public, Benedict presented himself as "votre aimable serviteur, "Unlceballoons", a legend was born... The show went on for years, musicians succeeded one another over the years, and in 2008, Unlceballoons passed a balloons sculpture training scheme. Then working on set pieces, events, festivals and so on... Every year Uncleballoons improves his show, growing technics, adding sculptures and special effects to his unprecedented show. A true balloons sculpture show.

histoire du spectacle tontonballons