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Decoration, animation, training, discover all the services we offer you around the world of balloons.

Balloon parades

For more than 15 years, Uncleballons s declines the « balloons Parade" under all themes, in all its forms, according to the sometimes surprising demands of the organizers.
After having made hundreds of street parades in France and abroad, Uncleballons is the artistic director of Balloonapark, a convention of balloon sculptors that brings together the best European specialists. This festival of balloons is made in partnership with the festivities of the City of Villeneuve la Garenne, which is colored every year tens of thousands of balloons for a parade of playful and colorful street. Ask us the impossible. We will try to answer them as soon as possible!

Montélimar, Bollène, Strasbourg, Molsheim, Villeneuve la Garenne, Auxerre, Bordeaux, Roumazière, Montesson, Montigny-le-Bretonneux, Pontcharra, Cachan, Thouars, Bourgoin Jailleux, Megeve, Medellin, La Paz, Ouarzazate...

tontonballons carnaval des ballons

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Balloons decoration

The team Uncleballons offers decorations according to your theme and your colors with its professionals balloons artists.

tontonballons décoration ballons

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Balloon entertainment

Entertainers of the Uncleballons team produce balloons on demand, presenting complex figures with 2.3 or 4 balloons! Ideal for all festive events for families.

tontonballons animations ballons

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Participatory workshops

The Uncleballons team organizes workshops in which adult volunteers create GIANT sculptures or a decoration in balloons, according to your choice. This formula makes it possible to invest the inhabitants on a festive project, and to limit the costs of the service.

tontonballons atelier ballons

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A photo in a balloon

Passers-by come to settle in a mechanical machine or next to a sculpture in balloons to be photographed ... sharing on the Internet guaranteed!

tontonballons photo dans ballons

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Profesional clases

Tontonballons offers several modules for adults: animators of the structures of popular education, professionals of education, entertainment or animation, parents or simple curious... From initiation to the most elaborate weaving techniques, the decoration and twist modules are aimed at all audiences.

tontonballons formation ballons

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Speaking fluent English and Spanish, Tontonballons performed on numerous occasions abroad: French alliances in Latin America, commercial operations (Jugos Jumex, Jams Aïcha, Vache qui Rit ...), actions to support local projects (Jawapi, Mano in Mano, prisons, libraries ...), private evening, schools, participation in carnivals and street parades (Ouarzazate, La Paz, Medellin ...). Whether for shows, street parades or decorations, Tontonballons intervenes with or without a local team.

United States, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Malta, Reunion Island ...

tontonballons internationnal

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